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peaceaction's Journal

Destination: Peace♥
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About PeaceAction

This community is for people who believe in peace. We know it's out there & we know it can be won. Everyone in this community submits a picture of themselves holding a peace sign, wearing a peace shirt, anything! As long as it includes peace in any creative way. Each picture is going to be printed out and put inside a little origami crane and hung. Not only will there be a large amount of cranes, but a visual-aid of every person who stands for peace. Every colour, gender, sexuality, size, origin. Peace does not discriminate!

1. You must join and submit an application
2. There is no voting; this isn't a rating community. But feel free to comment of people's apps.
3. Make everything friends only.
4. No drama or fights, please. This is all about love and unity!
5. You can post anything activist related. Peace, poverty, anti-racism/sexism, go ahead!
6. Stand united, stand peaceful, k!? ♥


Cabyn Crizzack;
One People, One Struggle


Morris Ninjaboi;
You Can Kill The Protestor, But You Can't Kill The Protest


Power To The PeacefulA

Member Application


djyukito from peaceprojects; the idea for this community. Our community is basically a continuation of his.
theycallmekay; community layout
leftovercabyn; community userinfo layout
Every member; for striving for peace!


Feel free to make us a banner! ♥

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Just ask! Activist-related only, please ♥