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Doug Hickman:
New Hampshire:
LJ Promotion

:Picture for your origami crane (must include peace somehow)
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Tell us about yourself (pictures, extra info, beliefs, ideas!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic i'm in love with the most amazing girl. her name is sarah. she is a marvelous, smart, funny, beautiful girl. a gymnast, with a broken back. she's what makes my heart beat. (les_parapluies) i play soccer, lacrosse, and hockey. I feel that America has become one of the worst places to live, in people standards. In high schools everywhere, people are being made fun of for ANY and EVERY reason. America has also become obese... ahh. i feel that the government here needs to smarten up about war... it's starting to become a nuisance. ha, 60 years ago. i'm a veg... as of a couple days ago. i had been stuck on just poultry and fish for several months, but i decided that i really wanted to venture into vegetarianism. i love the outdoors. hiking and picnics are one of my favorite things to do.
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